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We wish that your stay at Porto Studios could be a great life experience. To make it happen we are always attentive to what is happening in the city of Porto

so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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Study and Learn


With more than 10 higher education institutions, Porto hosts more than 70.000 students from all over the world, who chose this city to study and research.

One of the main engines of scientific development in Portugal, the University of Porto is internationally recognized and is now among the top 150 European universities in some of the most important international rankings.  

In this region you can also find many public libraries and bookstores, being one of the most well-known the Livraria Lello.


Create and Undertake

Besides studying in Porto you can also create and develop your ideas as well as undertake and materialize your projects. The Porto region boosts business dynamics, artistic creativity and cultural knowledge, being a living example of this dynamic UPTEC, where you can incubate and develop your project. In Porto Studios we  welcome all the entrepreneursand innovators. 

Relax   and Loose


This region is ideal for you to rest and relax, whether you choose the sea or the mountains.  Porto lies within the beautiful Costa Verde coastline and is surrounded by numerous outstanding beaches, with vast expanses of golden sands. Strolling along the Douro River you will find breathtaking scenery and get the chance to visit the famous Douro's vineyards.

Taste   and Enjoy


Porto and the North of Portugal's gastronomy and wines are known all over the world. A visit to the city always involves a taste of a "francesinha" and a "Tripas à Moda do Porto" dish and a visit to one of the Port wine cellars.  Do not forget to visit the typical markets and grocery stores.

Fun and Entertainment


Nightlife in Porto is varied and you can find esplanade, bars and clubs everywhere, on every corner, in every street and square. Find out the historic cafes of the city, such as Majestic or Guarany and end the night in one of the many bars or discos. In Porto, the night only ends when the first sunrays peek through the sky. 


Sports and Culture

Sports have a very important place in Portuguese culture, with football being the most popular one. 

Taking advantage of the sea and Douro River, surfing and canoeing are also very common. Beside that you can take a walk or run in the amazing city park. 

You can also visit various art galleries, attend shows in Casa da Música and see art exhibitions or visit the gardens of Serralves Foundation.

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